+ Theory

Nneka's work is rooted in the visual depictions of Ancient African spirituality pre-colonialism and Christianity with considerations of its impact on the global unconscious, mind, body, and spirit. Her creative process blooms forth from an extensive study of biology, philosophy, spirituality, and cosmology on her Nigerian heritage and other cultures. 

She pulls both the ancient and modern day worlds together using naturally-occurring pigments, precious metals, such as 24 karat Gold, age-old and contemporary artistic practices to highlight the primitive connections Ancient African cultures had with elements of nature. Osueke adheres to a meticulous process, creating detailed- hand-beaded designs on her canvases with glass beads and fusing plaster sculptures of hands and papier mache' moldings onto canvas to bring life, movement, and dimension to the canvas. For her, these works symbolize the move past a "boundary", into one's purpose by taking matters into one's own hands. Even through an ever-evolving aesthetic, Osueke's work wraps itself around one central theme: self-knowledge through African imagery. She dives head first into her practice with the belief that we, as individuals, are old souls in new bodies who already know many ideas we think we don't know; what is called the unconscious. With this, Osueke aims to create work which nags the viewer into searching for this truth-- their Truth.

+ Biography

Nneka Osueke is a visual artist who glides across various mediums, most notably painting and sculpture, to depict themes of African history, spirituality, Black empowerment, and the human mind. A first generation Nigerian born and raised in Dallas, Texas, she received her Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising from Sam Houston State University in 2013. Shortly after, Nneka moved to Los Angeles, CA to begin her career in design, but surprisingly, found herself pursuing a Master's in Clinical Psychology and her artistry full-time. Thus, she discovered the golden bridge between her purpose and her passion--merging art, African psychology, and mental health advocacy together.  

Osueke’s work exhibited during Miami Art Basel Week, at Sam Houston State University, the Manifesta Biennial in Palermo, Italy, the Liguanea Arts Festival in Kingston, Jamaica, and The Every Woman Biennial in Los Angeles, CA. She has presented on and participated in discussions about African Spirituality and the connections between mental health and creative expression. Osueke currently lives and works in Thailand.

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