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Ala In the Highest II

The goddess Ala is the most powerful deity in the Igbo Pantheon. Ruler of earth, overseer of morality, and fertility, she masterfully embodies the opposites: both logical and creative, gracefully feminine and astutely masculine, nurturing and calculating, fluid and grounded. Ala is represented by the crescent moon and the sacred python is her messenger. It is said that she is there to watch over a child as it develops within the mother and she is the receiver of those who have passed, holding all the ancestors in her womb. 

The golden symbols on Ala’s crown are from studies of the ancient script of Nsibidi, a secret writing system used in Igboland by those of high authority and power and mostly by the Ekpe Leopard Secret Society. They read, “Moon, woman, energy”. A woman like the moon, a divine feminine energy.

Oil paint, 24 Karat Gold, glass beads, and fabric on canvas
19.75x23.5in / 50x60cm


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