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The Story of Oroma |SOLD|

”The Story of Oroma” is based on a popular Nigerian folktale about a girl named Oroma. According to the story, she always had a new, beautifully-braided hairstyle every couple of days, and all the kids just couldn’t understand how. One day, they followed her home to spy on her, and saw that Oroma had taken her whole head off, and was fixing her own hair. I used this story as my gateway into Ancient Yoruba spirituality, where they believed the body was a vessel to help one navigate his/her own life with the help of the Orishas, the gods and goddess. The head, orí, housed one’s destiny and the hands signified the ability to create one’s own life and carry out this destiny.

Oil paint, 24 Karat Gold, glass and plastic beads, and fabric on canvas

45.7x45.7 in/ 116x116cm

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