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Each package/ service is based on a rate of $65/ hour and the average time it takes me to create your site or graphic. Provide me with a description of what you have in mind, some links to your favorite site, and information about your company. Then, I schedule a free consultation via Zoom or What'sApp and we can discuss your ideas in depth. Let's get started today!

Website Building

3-5 pages- $300-450

6-10 pages- $600-800

11-20 pages- $800+

Website Remodeling and Re/Branding

$300 for 3-5 pages

$550 for 6-10 pages

$700 for 11-15 pages

Anything over 16 pages will be priced and billed according to project

Graphic Design

All Quotes start at $65. Prices depend on the complication of the graphic or logo in mind. For example, a simple one color logo will most likely remain at the base price of $65, whereas a detailed, multi-colored logo could run up to  $200 and above.

Let’s Do This

Studio Osu

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dallas, Texas


Los Angeles, California


Tel: +1 424-245-5956

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