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Provide me with a description of what you have in mind, some links to your favorite site, and information about your company. Then, I schedule a free consultation via Zoom or What'sApp and we can discuss your ideas in depth. Let's get started today!

Website Building

3-5 pages- 300-450 USD

6-10 pages- 600-800 USD

11-20 pages- 800+ USD

Website Remodeling and Re/Branding

300 USD for 3-5 pages

550 USD for 6-10 pages

700 USD for 11-15 pages

Anything over 16 pages will be priced and billed according to project

Graphic Design

All Quotes start at 200 USD. Prices depend on the complication of the graphic or logo in mind. For example, a simple one color logo will most likely remain at the base price of 200 USD, whereas a detailed, multi-colored logo could run up to  275 USD and above.

Let’s Do This

Studio Osu

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dallas, Texas


Los Angeles, California


Tel: +1 424-245-5956

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