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Introducing: The Prodigy Vanguard Gallery

It's time to take it up a notch. After almost 4 years of planning and building, Nneka is happy to announce The Prodigy Vanguard Gallery.

The Prodigy Vanguard began in Los Angeles, CA as a creative support group class where youth from lower-income families and neighborhoods could process their emotions through creative expression with their peers and a trusted adult figure. Nneka saw many youths with heightened artistic ability, yet little to no creative mentorship in the art world and not one gallery whose rosters held space for individuals of this age group.

The Prodigy Vanguard Gallery takes the business form of an art gallery with a subtle touch on creative social justice, providing a platform for those with a magnitude of a message, yet are less seen and heard. Its root mission begins with encouraging self-sufficiency, creative expression, and abundance mindset through one’s skills and abilities for each artist on the roster. By shifting the perspective of children from a place of endless potential rather than a lower privilege, TPV Gallery asserts itself in the creation of a new lane within the art market, thus completely changing the face of the art world. "Wisdom; ageless. Talent; boundless."

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