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BEINGS | Paris Debut

Making her debut in Paris, France, Nneka will be featured in Backslash Gallery's, Beings: CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN AND DIASPORIC REAPPROPRIATIONS OF BODY AND IDENTITY The fundamental question of the identity of the black body, multiple, fractured, sometimes to the point of uprooting, is a recurrent theme of artistic explorations in contemporary creation. The aesthetic reappropriation of this body by artists is often a component of an historical, geopolitical and private discourse addressing our contemporary Western societies.

Backslash and the Barter art collectors' club are holding a major exhibition featuring artists who work on different continents but are all connected to (or rooted in) contemporary African art and its diaspora.

Beings represents a remarkable opportunity to highlight the ongoing artistic dialogues between contemporary Africa and Afro-descendants, regardless of where they live.

Beings: Contemporary African and Diasporic Reappropriations of Body and Identity

September 4-October 6, 2021

Backslash Gallery

29 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth

Paris, France

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