SEX WITH ME | New York and Artist Collective Debut

We are extremely proud to announce the New York debut of Nneka Osueke and her collective Nneka/Nicola. Together with fellow artist Christina Nicola, Nneka/Nicola, the duo created the collective as a clarion call for inclusion and honest representation in the art industry.

Nneka/Nicola is proud to announce the inaugural exhibition, SEX WITH ME. Coming together in the heart of Bushwick, 20 Black & brown artists host a three-night art experience about their own sexual liberation.
A huge 'thank you' to all those who supported and watched both Nicola's and Osueke's careers during the years of hard work and continuous growth leading to this monumental moment. Follow @swm.nyc for more information to come.

Sex With Me: Here We Come

Online Showing | June 3, 2021

In-House Viewing | June 4-6, 2021

Brooklyn, NY


Nneka Osueke's Thailand Debut

 Making her Thailand debut, Nneka will be featured with eleven other artists in Arbour x Exhibition, a show held by the Artist's Village during the Hua Hin Art Arbour Festival. Taking place during Thailand's month of Songkran, Thai New Year, Osueke will feature her latest works, "The Story of Oroma" and "Ala In The Highest pt 2." Osueke will host a workshop teaching the process she uses to achieve her gilded works of 24K Gold. 

Arbour x Exhibition 

Hua Hin, Thailand

April 3-25, 2021

Workshop: April 10 and 11, 2021



Osueke's Latest Podcast Interview

Nneka was featured as a guest on Broke, Gifted, and Black, a podcast dedicated to Black creatives who have successfully monetized their craft. 

In a two-part series, Osueke talks about her journey as an ex-pat in Thailand, her best art career experience so far, how she links her clinical degree in psychology to her visual artwork, and so much more. Click the link to listen to both interviews.


Nneka Osueke Set To Release Her First Book, Blooming Abroad

 We are elated to announce the release of Nneka Osueke's new book, Blooming Abroad: The Black Girl's Journal-Guide-Memoir for Traveling and Living in Foreign Lands. 

Not only is she forthcoming with her emotional transparency, including actual writings from her personal journal entries throughout her various travel journies, but Osueke enlightens on the logistics of living and/or traveling overseas. With the visible rise in Black travel, many of the common, often touchy, and frankly, legitimate questions which come up for the Black women find their closure and comprehension in Blooming Abroad.

Book is now available in both digital and paper back.


Nneka Osueke's "Ekure's Prayer, Ekure's Return" LA Times Feature

 In an LA Times article about gentrification in the historically Black neighborhood of Leimert Park, Nneka Osueke's "Ekure's Prayer, Ekure's Return" 

was mentioned as a  staple element of artistry and decor for Black owned business in the city.


LA Weekly Front Page Feature

Nneka's work was featured as the cover photo on LA Weekly's Art Pick for the Every Woman Biennial. 

The Every Woman Biennial Dances Into Los Angeles | LA Weekly

Every Woman Biennial

In her first official Los Angeles show, Nneka Osueke will debut two pieces from her newest collection, Of Origins and Archives: A Visual Study of Pre-Colonial Nigerian Spirituality at the Every Woman Biennial 2019, formerly known as the Whitney Houston Biennial.

The 2019 Whitney Houston Biennial will be the third iteration of Christine Finley’s acclaimed women’s art exhibition and its title “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” is a rally cry for self identifying women artists to cross-pollinate with each other across a wide variety of mediums, generations, as well as racial and ethnic backgrounds. The aim of bringing together so many creative voices is to sing a collective song that celebrates the contributions of female artists and marks a moment in our communal trajectory."-EVB Website
Fore more information, visit http://www.everywomanbiennial.com/
Los Angeles, CA | June 2-12, 2019

The Prodigy Vanguard: Expression Sessions

Nneka partners up with the Jamaican Organization, Life Yard, to present The Prodigy Vanguard: Expression Sessions, my first international youth art and mental health program. 
During the summer of 2017, Osueke held this same creative support group just for teens in under-served areas in and around South Central Los Angeles, and is now bringing it to Kingston, Jamaica. It is time to unite the African diaspora all over the world and de-stigmatize our perception of mental health practices in order to continue this trend of global Black healing. 

Kingston, Jamaica | July3-26, 2019

Into The Fifth |Solo Exhibit

Nneka announces her second solo exhibit, returning to her Alma mater, Sam Houston State University. 
When the decision is made to want something different or better, there is usually a struggle between two forces: the old way and the new one desired. Discipline and diligence, victory and defeat, a battle between the Higher Self and the lower Self are all felt on a micro (human) and macro (universal) level.The Great War exhibit depicts the chaotic journey of ascending into a new dimension and way of being, as we are forced to challenge age old systems and concepts of culture, religion, man-made law, race, and human experience. 
The exhibit will consist of mostly new works, including life-size figures of darkness emerging from canvas. 

Huntsville, Texas | June 30 - August 11, 2018 

Manifesta Biennial | Palermo, Italy

Making her debut into the European art market, Nneka has been selected as one of the artist in the ReSignifications: The Black Mediterranean Exhibitionat the Manifesta European Contemporary Art Biennial 12 in Palermo, Italy. A follow up to its sister exhibit at Harvard University, ReSignifications: The Black Mediterranean offers a revision and re-engagement of "African bodies in European art, culture, and history as it interprets and interrogates the "Blackamoor" trope in Western culture that emerged at the intersection of cross-cultural encounters shaped by centuries of migration, exchange, conquest, servitude, and exile."

Palermo, Itlay | June 16-November 4, 2018