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Helping Women Bloom Through


In Bloom Therapeutic, or Ban Saphrang Therapeutic, is a holistic therapy practice which works predominantly with women and femme-identified individuals who suffer from the effects of  trauma such as, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, and addiction. I help my clients reframe their experience in order to rebuild confidence, tap into Inner  strength, and create the outcomes they desire in Self, love, work/finances, and community, all while maintaining the adaptive essence of their personal culture and values.

Specializing in Therapeutic Services for:

Women of Color/BIPOC communities

Single Parents/Caregiviers

Victims of Abuse and Neglect (Emotional, Physical, Financial)



Areas Of Focus

Generational Trauma

Systemic Oppression

Holistic Health & Healing Modalities

Immigrant/First-Generation Individuals

Family Systems

Mindfulness & Meditation

Culturally-Inclusive, Pre-colonial Spiritual Practices

Internalized Racism

Expat Counseling

Youth/Adolescent Counseling

Creative Free-Expression

Domestic/Relationship Violence

Childhood Trauma

Trauma and PTSD

Currently Preparing/Practicing to Provide

Gender-Inclusive & Queer-Affirmative Care/Counseling

Ayahuasca Integration Counseling

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Sound Bowl Healing

Water Immersion and Movement/ Aqua Therapy

Family Constellations

Sexual-Truama Training

Trauma-Informed Yoga

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