Join visual artist and expat, Nneka Osueke, for virtual, guided paint n' sip classes with music and meditation. 

What Are The Perks?

-It’s a chance to relax and shake off life's stressors in the comfort of your own home—no experience required.

-BYOB AND BYOF: Bring your own booze, wine, shots, weed, and your favorite snacks to the session to vibe out any way you’d like. Light your own incense or sage during session to help balance and cleanse your energy.


What Do I Need?

-Fellow painters/artists/creatives: Bring your supplies, blank canvases (at least 8x12) and your brushes.

-Don't have these supplies? Find a piece of cardboard from a shipping box, some poster/computer paper, etc. Use old make-up brushes, or even, your fingers. You can also bring pens, colored-pencils, or markers. 


Only $6 USD/ 200 BHT

Limited Spots Available

Follow @nneka.osueke on IG and click the link in the bio to sign-up.


You will receive the Zoom link an hour before the session.

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